Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Story (Angel)


Barefoot and dirty, girls, people are sitting watching the gardenThis is not the case. She never tried to speak words she never said.After many, but not one person looked at the wayI'll leave it at that.

The next day, I was curious, so I'm going back to the park and batsThe daughter is not yet known. In the right place, but yesterdayHe sat there, please check your sad eyes, and sat down.

But today, my only concern is that I could not walk.Walking to my daughters were in place. We do not knowFull of strange people playing in a park where children can notOnly. I started going to it, I see little in the pastThe deformation of the girl's dress. Because I thought that peopleAttempts have been made in the past and attention. I went to a girlShe lowered her eyes slightly to avoid searching for my purpose. I know howIt is clearer. It consists of a grotesque hunchback.

I have to help her, but we were laughing, talking to him in my power. I satNext to him, but simply "Hello" has begun.

Little Girl starring aghatava fun, "Hello" is teetering after a long lookIn my eyes. I smiled and she smiled shyly. We are subject to the darknessHe fell into the park is completely empty. We allI am so sad the only girl asked. Girl, I'll see"I was due to hakiruttene diversity." And I immediately said, "You!" IHe smiled. Act sad girl, she said, "I know," he said."Girl," he said, "sweet and innocent, please send me an angel." The
I saw that she smiled sweetly and said she was standing on my feet."Really?" "Yes, dear, you will regret if you prefer to send a little guardian angelAll people who come to see. "Yes", "noddedAnd laughed and spread his wings, and I, "he said.It is not his guardian angel. "Gesture. I wordsI've seen things. You begin to think, "saidYou are here, my work is done and by whom. "

As soon as I do, why this is so, "he says, standing on the foot and waitHelp put an end to the other, like a goddess? If you have "look at me and smiled"I could see, "was her own.
It changed my life dramatically. Therefore, whenIf you look at his angel, be sure you have everything you want, always.

Mine is ....
Anyone who does this is that you can use to take and whatYou can send back to see who isHe cared about you as a happy story ... We all need someone.
At your disposal as the goddess of each of his friends.

Hope You Like It...!!!

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