Senin, 12 Desember 2011

What an conception

What an conception
Wow! Today the world is happening to our children?Let's see ... Madalyn Murray O'Hair, when he began to thinkHe did not want prayer in our schools, that there are complaintsWe were told that as well.
Then someone said you better not read the Bible in schools -The Bible says not to kill, steal, and for, and loveFor neighbors like you. We were told that as well.
And Dr. Benjamin Spock said we should remember that the graceful,Some people have to their children when they misbehaveMutant can damage your self-esteem?We said, well, do not click.
Then someone said teachers and school administrators to discipline betterOur children when they misbehave. He said that the success of our outstandingNo one in this school better touch misbehaving studentsWe do not want war, and negative public opinion, shouldI do not want to be named.
Then someone said, we have the opportunity to leave their daughters and our abortionEffect, we must inform their parents.We were told that this is a great idea.
After another, the father of our children, all on the ground to provide condomsEveryone wants "funny" can, and in fact the wordOne of the parents. Instead, as we have said, great idea.
No matter what you do and then some of the largestWhile we do our job in the private sector. As I already said that we must workThe economy is good for me, no matter if the person in the private sector.
So now we wonder why our children have a sense of taste, I'm sorryThey know that they know right from wrong, and why I can not worry about the murder.
Maybe if we think long and hard enough about it, we can understand.I think it's great "bittalu what we see."
Wow! What an idea!

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