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Teacher Certification

Teacher Certification

By: Ika Widuri

Certification is a program of ministry of eduction and culture (Kemendikbud) to increase the quality of educator in Indonesia. But, this program doesn’t appropriated yet as they estimated the purpose of the basis program organized for.

Rohmani, member of parliament X DPR said that the process of teacher certification doesn’t appropriated with UU number 14 year 2005 about teacher and lecturer (UU GD). It said, the purpose of teacher certificatioon determmine the teacher worthiness in implementing duty as agent of teaching. Certification also aim to increase the process and the quality of education product.

Certification aim to enhance the profesionalism of teachers. However, no guarantee tha teacher who are already certified can be said profesional. Because a profesionalism is a very complex term. A teacher consider to be a profesional if they have following the criteria: they are skillfull at knowledge (theory and practice)

It seem certification just a formality, but the profesionalism itself doesn’t prove yet. Certification program for a while is just to increase the teacher income through certificae. So that, teacher who joined this program tend to the material only.whereas the essence of raising quality tend to negiected.

“I see and often get input from various side that target of teacher’s certification not yet as according to expectation, that is can yield professional teacher”, Rohmani said

Teacher have to improve their skill, moreover the process of improving the competence both of theory and practice have to be balance. Furthermore, they should be a profesional teacher through the certificate.

The questions are: Does teachers still called “pahlawan tanpa tanda jasa ?”

How the government follow-up the profesionalism teacher who are already certified ?

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