Senin, 12 Desember 2011

Demonstrasi : Mahasiswa VS Akademik

Student VS Academic
Monday, December 12, 2011 did not like the previous days. Around 08.00 hours've heard the thundering voices of the activists. I myself at that time was no course, but it sounds very interesting, not just me, but also other friends. After completion of the first lecture hour, then we can watch it with our own eyes. In front of the class looks a pick-up that brings speakers and activists are voicing their aspirations with loudspeakers. On the other hand looked smoke-black smoke filled the north campus. After kutelusuri, apparently it comes from the tires being burned. One student threw the tire in front of my class and burned it. Of course I'm a bit away so as not exposed to smoke.
From the beginning I've heard rumors that a few days before the activists also have done a demo, but not like now. Then the activists who were about a dozen people surrounded the chamber is simultaneously academic and academic leaders forced down to meet their demands. I do not want to miss this, so I went to level 2 in order to see more clearly. Wow, from above the crowd of activists who crowded terlihatlah academic buildings.
A bit too long these activists wait and issue the abusive words and words are scathing of the academic authorities. But there has been no academic authorities who dared to face down the activists who are in the hot sun.
The activists read out their demands.

The new curriculum is wrong
Implementation of the semester exams are promoted
Making an online system that has not been completed
Although the academic side as well as no one has come down. The activists threatened, if no one down in a matter of ke10, then they will invade the academic office. Then, come down academic leaders. They seek to clarify this issue. On the sidelines of the explanation given by the academic leadership, there was one student who tossed it with something. Of course this makes the angry academic, student and arrow, but was prevented by the activists.
The atmosphere began to subside. Argument was resumed. The academic authorities mention that the acceleration of the semester due to insufficient funds when DIPA dilaksanakn in January. However, students are not satisfied with the explanation that Adu arguments from both sides continued. Then the rain came down. A few moments later, when there is no meeting point between the two sides, the two agreed to hold a meeting between students and academics on Wednesday morning to discuss the future the same problem. Both parties agree, and the academic authorities began to leave the area. While the activists still stand by the pride of students accompanied by singing .... And the slogan that is repeated many times "Student Life ...!"
The mood back to normal. The activists left the area while singing their pride. Burning tires is up, although still leaves a little smoke. The students who had been watching too have started to leave the place and return activities as usual.
I myself was fortunate, because with the 2-hour demo course be empty. So I decided to do the job together group I4 at the mosque.
Hope you liked this article .... yes you know this happened at my college ...!!!

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