Minggu, 11 Desember 2011

Last Child : Pain (English Version)

This song is from Indonesian band (origin lyrics use Indonesian language, but i translate it to English)

Hope you like it.... ^ ^

Last Child- Pain

you who [is] broken heart

 Weep and don't worry lay open
 What a pain heart that hurt you
 Poison killing you slowly

 you who are lugubrious in this time
 which [is] accounting smart burden
 Spilling that pain in your weep
 Which jab innermost heart alcove

 [ reff :

 Only ownself
 unlikely [of] other people will understand
 Here I accompanies you in your weep
 If a tear can liquefy my heart
 And I abstract pain thorn at your heart
 to be see your smile [in] your sleep tonight
 Let'S say all this one step mature yourself
 And do not deny also to

 you who is get heart injure
 To be embraced [by] nestapa sweeped [by] distress
 Along dry moment [of] the tear
 Do not can arrest;detain pain which nothing;there is no ending

 [ Reff : ( 2x)
you which [is] broken heart

If you like this song, please comment...thank's B4
^ ^

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