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The Plan

The Plan

My wife had the other day and announced:

"I saved $ 30.00 today."

"Really," I replied. "I do not"

"I bought some new curtains in the room. The
I bought the regular price of $ 99.00 and $ 69.00. "

"Why are the curtains for the bedroom?" I asked.

"I do not like the color we have," he said.

"Can you save $ 30.00," I replied. "Blew only $ 69.00."

"Oh, old Scrooge," he said.

Now, I tend to buy clarify point.The
input to any room redecorating.Some
These things must be taken before
Shopping: Do you need repapering / room painted
In the short term? It will be one of the furniture will be replaced
carpets, etc.? Get a plan on what to do
quarter, and after a moment of time "to begin to replace the materials can
Keep in mind that an action plan pre-defined.

To buy something just because it is available
the default value is meaningless. This can be applied to furniture,
devices and a host of other objects. Once you have decided to form a single
allocated money for what you want, then
sale may start looking for what you need.

Scrooge like me, he refused. In "A Christmas Carol"
Scrooge was the richest men of the city, but refuses to take care of
the basic needs of their employees. The money and still be denied
you and your family need to live is a Scrooge.
Budget and plan to be agreed with the need to purchase
And 'financed by the so-called second-hand and commendable.

Too many people are confused desires and needs.

Hope You Like It...!!!

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